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Small Model TV Antenna 


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Small Model TV Antenna 

Written By: Kendallzummo 


• Hack saw (1) 

• Hot glue gun (If you are using another 
glue this is not needed) (1) 

• Ruler (1) 

• Sharpie (1) 


Flat rods (about 100cm/4ft 7in) (1) 
(you can use windshield wiper rods too) 

Hot glue (If you are using another glue 
this is not needed) (1) 


I will teach you how to build a TV antenna, not for picking up any signals with, but for 
decoration and model building. 

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Small Model TV Antenna 

• First, cut out the parts you need from the rods according to the list. To the side you can 
see a few of the rods that are cut. 

• Rod pieces: 

• A: one 2cm; B: one 7cm; C: one 5 1 /2cm; D: one 8 1 /2cm; E: one 7cm; F: one 6cm; G: two 
4 1 /2cm; H: two 3cm; I: two 3 1 /2cm; J: one 9 1 /2cm; K: one 11cm; L: two 4 1 /2cm 

• Rod K is not on real T.V. antennas but it is great for support. 

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Small Model TV Antenna 

• The vertical rod in the middle piece 
is rod A with (in order from bottom 
to top) rod B, C, D, E, and F. Mark 
with a sharpie these next spots. 
Mark a spot that is 2cm from the 
bottom, 4cm from the bottom, 6cm 
from the bottom, 8cm from the 
bottom, 9 1 /2cm from the bottom, 
and 1 1cm from the bottom. Rod B 
will go on the 2cm mark, rod C will 
go on the 4cm mark, rod D will go 
on the 6cm mark, rod E will go on 
the 9 1 /2cm mark, and rod F will go 
onto the 1 1cm mark. NOTHING 

• The 2 parts on the outside are the 
parts G, H, and I. The vertical rods 
in those are rods G. On that rod 
make marks that are 13mm, and 
3cm away from the bottom of rod 
G. Rod H will go onto the 13mm 
mark and rod I will go on the 3cm 

• Once you have placed the rods on 
the right marks, glue them down. 

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Small Model TV Antenna 

Now for rods J, K, and L The two L rods will be glued into a "+" sign. Hot-glue rod J 
straight up from rods L. Rod K is glued at a 45-degree angle from rod J. 


?«* ^& ^*fc *« &<* Of " 

A ^*» •'a ***** *P^. mi 









Now take part A (the vertical rod with the 5 others on it) and the two G assemblies (Rods 
G with the two other rods on them). Take one G assembly and, on the 8cm mark, glue the 
bottom of rod G at a 45-degree angle from rod A. Do the same with the other part G on the 
other side. 

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Small Model TV Antenna 

Now for the final step. Glue the other end of part J to the bottom of rod A right next to 
bottom of rod G. Finally, hot-glue the other end of part K to the bottom side of the 2cm 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You made a model T.V. antenna! 

• As you can see I am not a glue master but I hope you can do better! 

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